I provide complete one-on-one coaching in person or remotely for individuals who want to create clear, attractive presentations. My clients in the past have included scientists, technologists, and urbanists. Whether you will present a keynote address at an international conference, look forward to an academic job talk, or have simply a desire to improve your public speaking skills, I can help you define goals and meet them.


My workshops cover a range of topics surrounding communication in presentation settings. The cornerstone of my practice includes the cognitive psychology of slide design. I have also led audiences in the use of storytelling principles and applied improvisation for technical professionals. If your group would benefit from experiencing one of these interactive workshops or a customized combination of them, ask me what we can create together.



"The insights and innovative approach of your class session were extremely helpful to the students as they prepared to give, real, professional-grade presentations. The students learned aspects of the way we process information that a run-of-the-mill session on 'better presentations' would not provide."

Jonathan Haskett, Ph.D.


"Neil provides a communication framework with improv that is backed by science to help students explore the unknown and use their own creativity to break through the communication challenges in my classes. He approaches science from a familiar way so that even the novice scientist or student can understand how it applies to their work. In particular, his experience with social media and presentations make him a go to resource for my students and classes. I saw my students break through their own fear and start to think outside of the rubric to create truly clever and effective work."

Pilar McKay, Ph.D, Communication Professor and Consultant


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